Multi-curve and golf

Golf is multi-curve: draw, fade, breaking puts, good and bad bounces, back spin, slice, hook, etc.

As a lot of you know, I'm a keen golfer. When I'm not dreaming the solution to all problems about multi-curve (see page xii of the book for more on that), I'm dreaming about birdies (eagles will be for next year :) ).

I have ordered some swag golf balls with the book title as logo (see picture below). Obviously those balls are for grab. If you are a reader of the multi-curve book, want to play a round of golf, just let me know. I will be happy to offer a multi-curve ball (Pro V1x - 2014) to any reader I meet on the tee.

When I'm not writing or coding about the multi-curve framework, I can be found on different courses around London and Brussels; I will be glad to discover new ones. Don't hesitate to challenge me for a round.
Golf balls with Multi-curve Framework logo resting on a Multi-curve Framework book.

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