Imformation Age since ... 20 years

Last week-end I visited the Science Museum in London, and more precisely the Information Age new exhibition. One of the displays describes the invention of the “WWW” at the CERN in the early 90s. One of the dates that attracted my attention in the panel was the date of the first WWW conference: May 1994. The conference's site is still working!

This reminded me that I was an early web “designer” (you can decide what the inverted commas mean for yourself once you have seen the result). I was surprised to see that some of my early “pieces of art” are still alive, for example: http://www.ulb.ac.be/assoc/bms/bbms.html

An almost empty and obsolete since 10 years page, but still a piece of www archeology. I don’t remember when I designed the Belgian Mathematical Society first web site, but it was obviously before the 16 February 1996. That was almost 20 years ago and less than 2 years into the www history.

What I remember from the design is that the it was done by manually typing the HTML code in a text editor, selecting the colors by changing the color code in the HTML code and looking at the results.

This is not directly related to the “Multi-curve framework” book... Except in the sense that WWW was disruptive technology invented in a academic framework that has been adopted in a couple of years and became the industry standard. This is not very different to the multi-curve framework which was a academic curiosity in July 2007 and a industry standard a couple of years later, ... less the impact on the daily life of people.

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  1. Un pionnier, donc ! En 1996, je ne savais même pas ce que c'était Internet!