Le franc restera-t-il le franc?

Going through boxes of old books inherited from my grand parents, I found a small book from 1945 titled “Le franc restera-t-il le franc?” [1]. It could be translated in English and in today’s vocabulary by “Will the Euro stay the Euro?” This is a good question!

Reading through the introduction and the first chapters, I found it very current. The last sentence of the introduction reads (my translation):
Why always bury our heads into the sand, close our eyes, use subterfuges, adopt monetary palliatives instead of taking a dispassionate view to certain truths that are not nice to say but that are inexorably revealed by the mathematical deduction of the laws of economics.

Yes, a very current question indeed.

[1] Charles Périn, 1945, “Le franc restera-t-il le franc?”, Larcier, Bruxelles.

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